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Hiring of Drivers Coordinated by InveTrack - UGANDA

An interview session for Construction staff coordinated by InveTrack in UGANDA

Construction Candidates undertake trade tests arranged by InveTrack in UGANDA

Hiring of Security Guards Coordinated by InveTrack - UGANDA

Interview briefing arranged by InveTrack in Dar Es Salaam - TANZANIA

Hiring of Security Guards arranged by InveTrack - UGANDA

Hiring of Cleaners coordinated in Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA

Mason Trade test preparation by InveTrack in MALAWI

Hired Staff ready to travel to KUWAIT for work

Hiring of Security Guards coordinated by InveTrack- UGANDA

Cleaners attending interviews coordinated by InveTrack in UGANDA

Interview briefing coordinatedy by InveTrack in Kampala, UGANDA

Briefing of hired staff in Kampala, UGANDA

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